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You are in Midlife or Middle Age (said in a whisper), Over or nearing 40. Up until now, you have had a relatively good life; aside from the usual niggles that life brings you have not really had too much to complain about…until NOW

…..your life circumstances have changed; divorce, breakup, bereavement, empty nest, milestone birthday…… Your life is now different. You need to make some choices but you don’t know which way to turn. YOU want to ‘FIND YOURSELF’ again, BUT… You are STUCK, the only finding yourself you are doing is making excuses ‘It’s My Age’, I’m Too Old, Unfit, Overweight……….’

You see, I GET where YOU are at.



To totally know which key you need to get yourself UNSTUCK, what the secret is?  Banishing self-doubt once & for all, not worrying about what other people think, not feeling guilty, selfish or fearful of the future? To reinvent yourself & live your live with purpose once more & to be absolutely sure you are doing the right thing, your thing, for all the right reasons?

Thankfully, you are also asking ‘Is this it?’ You are wanting better, more. You don’t want your life to be over yet, you are not ready to give up or give in. BUT you just can’t see a way forward. Whichever way you look, you are STUCK fast!

At the Academy for Grown up Girls we GET IT & because we do we are able to target our products just for women like YOU. FREE information & advice, Online Programmes which are short & sweet but which give maximum benefit & for superb value & super quick results we have our Signature programme, The Ultimate Fast Track Coaching Programme.

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‘Coaching’ literally means to transport a person from one place to another.

By having a Coach you will be able to move forward from where you are now to where you want to be (even if you don’t know where that is at the moment) in a more focused and supported way than if you were to do it by yourself.

Put in VERY simple terms a Coaching session is a managed conversation usually between two people –the Coachee (You) & the Coach (Me). You are encouraged & supported to TALK & I am responsible for LISTENING without distraction, in a totally non judgmental way staying with your throughout the process to ensure that you remain motivated, giving you accountability.

A big part of coaching is about slowing the conversation down that is already going on in your head. This is a conversation with our inner voice which we believe to be true, which forms or own reality & causes us to be STUCK.

What’s more, my role as a Coach is to facilitate the conversation so that you can find the answers that you have so far been unable to find and so you have remained STUCK. As a result, after a number of sessions you will be able to understand the reasons for your issues & have the solutions to overcome them, in fact by the end of the sessions you should clearly be able to see the way forward to a vibrant, happy & fulfilling second half of your life.

As the sessions progress I show you how to set achievable and realistic goals & how to break them down into manageable chunks so that ultimately no mountain is too high to climb!

All of my coaching programmes take WOMEN LIKE YOU through the process of self-awareness and discovery to move yourself forward into action & becoming UNSTUCK.

Discovery Sessions


Ok, so, WHY listen to Me?

A few years back, I was at a crossroads in my life after a set of very difficult life circumstances that left my husband & I without children.

I described myself as lost, going around in circles, not knowing who I was anymore, lacking purpose, stuck.

Once I had grieved & felt ready to move forward in life, I invested in a Coach.   I was so impressed with the results, how empowered I felt, how inspired, how free, that I trained as a Coach with The Coaching Academy & am fully qualified in both Personal Development Coaching & as an NLP Practitioner.

With my experience & qualifications, I can help you & what’s more

I care



We have FREE stuff with some great advice, hints & tips

We have online PROGRAMMES that for just a small investment will bring you BIG results

We have 1 to 1 COACHING with Susanne, giving you THE FAST TRACK OPTION to help you confidently step straight into your vibrant & fulfilling 2nd half of your life, with no excuses needed. The outlay for you is about the same as a week in the South of France the difference being that the effects will last way longer.




To give you a heads up, spaces are limited but some still available so if you are interested, even just for an initial chat, give Susanne a shout

PLUS, if you like the idea of a holiday in the South of France, that may just be  possible! We have big ideas for the not too distant future, sign up to our mailing list (you can do that by grabbing a FREEBIE Here) & we will keep you up to date as soon as we have more information.


I'm Ready


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