Hi, I’m Sue, the founder of ‘The Academy for Grown up Girls’ & I help women just like you, to find, explore & realise your ‘Aha’ moment and change your life.  I think it is safe to say that we all dream about the things that we would love to do but sadly most of us never do them. Often life gets in the way & we are too busy, don’t have enough money, too tired etc etc and we don’t allow ourselves to even think that they could be anything else other than a dream & do you know what, that upsets me because I know us women have so much to give but sometimes we just need a little bit of sisterhood, support & encouragement and so that’s what I am here to do – that was my Aha moment!

I had my ‘Aha’ moment after finding myself at a crossroads in my life where circumstances gave me time to think ‘what’s next’ for me. It was a difficult time in my life and I had to reinvent myself due to some very sad circumstances. Once I had discovered ‘me’ again and was ready to move forwards  I started to work with a life coach who helped me work out what I truly wanted to do with the rest of my life. I always knew that I wanted to do something worthwhile and help other people but I guess I needed to experience a bit of my life first before I was able to realise what my purpose was and I also needed the support of a like minded person to help me put my finger on it.

My realisation came when I recognised how far I had come, never thinking I would feel excitement or positive energy ever again. It was like a light bulb switching on in my head & I knew that I wanted to help other women who had found themselves at a crossroads in their life, for whatever reason, and show them that it is possible to not only be that person you have always wanted to be or do that thing that you have always wanted to do, but also to be able to know exactly what that thing is and how to go about doing it! I have to say it felt great, it felt like all the pieces of the jigsaw had slotted in to place, the only problem being was that it was really scary as my confidence at that point was severely lacking. Having shared my ‘Aha’ moment with my coach and seeing and feeling the elation, wonder & excitement that was born out of it for me & the motivation, support & encouragement that she gave me, I took the first steps and enrolled with the Coaching Academy to train as a coach myself and I am pleased to say that you are in good hands as I passed with flying colours as a Personal Development Coach & NLP Practitioner – which basically means I know all the secrets of how to reach your goals & all I need from you is your commitment to achieve them.

So that’s me, the driving force behind the Academy for Grown up Girls. This Grown up Girl is committed to encouraging & motivating women, like you, who, like you, have reached a crossroads or been given an opportunity which has given you a tiny glimpse of what the future could hold (if only you had the time, energy, money & guts) I am here to give you support, encouragement & teaching (plus hints, tips & secrets on finding the time, energy, money & guts) to find your ‘Aha’ & change your life & most importantly for me to share in your amazing achievement.

Ok, so how did I get to where I am today? Well, I am fortunate to have met some wonderful coaches who helped me along the way. Being in midlife, I have to admit I had many conversations with others including myself about what was next for me once I had got past the trying for a family stage. You may have had & brought up your family & I am sure you have deliberated these questions: – Are we past it? Is there anything else left for us or have we done what we were put on this earth to do? Are we worn out? As women we tend to give our ‘all’  to looking after & making others happy and along with the fulfilment, happiness & contentment that it brings it also brings worry, stress, fear (to name but a few) upon us and this is tiring in itself – believe me,  I do understand. BUT we are not in the dark ages any more & thanks to modern medicine, greater awareness of health & wellbeing & opportunities available to us, we have a whole stage 2 just waiting in the wings for us to be equally as brilliant as we have already been.

And, get this,  it is more than possible to build confidence, overcome fear (& tiredness) be happy & achieve your life goals at whatever point in life you are at. From first hand experience I know that whatever you have in store for yourself (even if you don’t know what it is yet) for your second half of life it will require passion, motivation, belief, good health, energy, focus & a little bit of fear to keep you on your toes & moving forward (but don’t worry as I will be here to hold your hand). I like to think of the Academy for Grown up Girls as the place you go to for half time, the bit between the first & second halves of the game of life, the place where you look back on the first bit & evaluate what you loved, what you didn’t love quite as much, what you want to learn more about & most importantly the thing that you are going to do now, the thing that you are going to love & be totally excited & motivated by – it could be setting up the business you have always dreamed about doing, travel the world, write a book, do some voluntary work, set up a charity or community interest business etc, etc – whatever it is, NOW is the time – because it is YOUR time & you ROCK!

Love Sue x

Oh & well done for getting all the way down here, you will go far!

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