Purposeful Living for Midlife Women


Life is about to change

Life has changed

Life is different

Life is giving you choices

YOU want to ‘FIND YOURSELF’ again, move forward with PURPOSE and you REFUSE TO ACCEPT that this is ‘YOUR LOT IN LIFE’


YOU want to find your ‘lot MORE from life’

YOU have come to the right place!

Come On In !

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FREE Booklet

Hey! Welcome I am Susanne & I am the face & the name behind the Academy for Grown up Girls.


I would like to guess that you are here reading this because you are a little bit lost and feeling just a little bit stuck in a life that once gave you purpose and fulfillment. Now you have reached midlife, things have changed. One way or another you’ve encountered loss – kids have flown the nest, divorce, bereavement, redundancy, youth, belonging …….and you’re left not quite knowing where you fit, what your purpose is now & you’ve no idea where to start to move on. Right?


I’m also guessing that because you have landed on this site you are fed up with living in the shadow of your losses, you are quite frankly bored feeling the way that you do & you know in your heart of hearts that it is time to make some changes.  Well lovely lady you have come to the right place. I know exactly how you feel because I have been where you are right now. I have been on a long journey myself working towards my goals of living an ageless life full of purpose, vibrancy & joy. I am proud in the knowledge that I truly am a Grown up Girl, doing My Thing, rocking My World

Why not come & join us?

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